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Lusty Beg Island Resort & Spa – Where Inspiration Ignites Business Success

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Lusty Beg Island

29th Jun 2024

Lusty Beg Island Resort & Spa, a captivating island sanctuary in the heart of Fermanagh, unveils a dynamic approach to corporate events. As Head of Partnerships, Christopher Felloni, an experienced leader in operational excellence and service delivery, leads a team
committed to exceeding expectations and fuelling business success.

The Cadden Group which features a portfolio of notable properties including Lusty Beg Island Resort & Spa, The Enniskillen Hotel and Pat’s Bar is committed to excellence. Their vision for Lusty Beg Island is to ensure “Everything is as good as the view”. A bold but achievable statement and one that Christopher Felloni believes “will be a cornerstone in enabling us to craft a market space of our own

“Business thrives on outcomes achieved by inspired and engaged teams. Lusty Beg is more than just a venue; we’re a partner in achieving the things that matter. Through active listening and
consistent engagement, we work with business to tailor experiences that unlock the full potential of talent and broader event success.”

Lusty Beg’s commitment to igniting business outcomes means:

Outcome-Driven Planning & Delivery: Our collaborative yet simple approach goes beyond event logistics. We focus on listening to your desired outcomes and if needed, working with leading industry experts to deliver event experiences that bring you
closer to realising the outcomes that matter to you.

Active Engagement: We combine standardisation with personalisation to curate a diverse range of solutions. From concept to delivery, we will work closely with your business to understand your needs, cultivating clear communication and helping to
ensure everyone is aligned towards a common goal.

•Inspiration at Every Turn: From breathtaking panoramic views to personalised team-building activities, the Lusty Beg experience awakens creativity, sparks relationship building, and fosters lasting memories and sustainable outcomes.

In-House Facilities: Our fully equipped event spaces seamlessly integrate effective audio visual technology, ensuring immersive presentations, remote collaboration, and uninterrupted productivity.

Unparalleled Relaxation: World-class award-winning spa services, superb dining options, and curated accommodations that offer a rejuvenating environment while fuels high performance and lasting memories.

Choosing Lusty Beg Island Resort & Spa for your next event isn’t just another booking for us! It’s about unlocking the full potential of your team and achieving sustainable transformative business outcomes.

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