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Lean supply chain with Meteor Space

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1st Jun 2022

“Order fulfilment is taking up all of our time and resources.”

“We don’t have space to store all our inventory.”

“Our shipping delays are driving customers away.”

All of these and more are challenges faced by businesses in today’s day and age. Order fulfilment can be a gruelling process, regardless of the size of your business. It can take up your time, cost you more money, and require you to hire more staff and adapt to a business model that you wanted to avoid.

So, what can you do to make order fulfilment more efficient while maintaining a lean business structure? That’s where Meteor Space comes in!

With end-to-end solutions for every business’s warehousing and order fulfilment needs, Meteor Space provides the perfect strategy for you to achieve your goals. They are a leading 3PL located in Northern Ireland, helping businesses reach the UK and European markets with ease.

Spreading across 200,000 square feet, Meteor Space operates from a state of the art warehouse and fulfilment centre. From storage, management, picking and packing, to fast and accurate delivery: They offer an all-encompassing fulfilment strategy.

Let’s have a look at some of the top services Meteor Space has to offer!

3PL services for all your fulfilment needs:


Pallet Storage

Meteor Space provides pallet storage for businesses in Northern Ireland who want a safe and secure place to stock their inventory. With their pallet storage services, you can store your inventory more efficiently and make it easier to access when it has to be shipped out.

Pick and Pack

Picking and packing items for each order can take up your entire day if carried out in-house, which is why Meteor Space does it for you, saving you time and energy. With their advanced picking and packing solutions, they guarantee order accuracy and speedy fulfilment. You can also get custom packaging for your business, making it easier for you to stand out.

eCommerce Fulfilment

Every business needs efficient eCommerce fulfilment to keep up with the competitive market. Meteor Space offers bespoke eCommerce order fulfilment services, helping you deliver to your customers in record time. You can outsource your logistics and fulfilment to them and use your time and resources to accelerate the growth of your online business.

2-Man Delivery

For businesses who worry about the handling and transportation of their high-value or heavy items, 2-man delivery service offered by Meteor Space is the ultimate solution. They make sure your items are handled with the utmost care and delivered to the location in the best condition possible.


Meteor Space offers the most advanced warehouse management software for your business, making sure you can integrate your online sales channel with their system seamlessly. They provide the best technology, helping you track and manage orders more efficiently and streamline your multi-channel fulfilment.

Vendor Managed Inventory

With Meteor Space’s vendor managed inventory service, you can cut down on expenses while increasing efficiency at the same time. They ensure that your inventory is more aligned with your customer demand, generate more sales for your business, and improve the cash flow for you.

Standard Delivery

Meteor Space offers a vast array of distribution services and makes sure your business is partnered with the right carrier. They help you reach your customers on time and guarantee accurate orders every time, helping you improve customer satisfaction and build a solid customer-base.

Are these services exactly what you have been searching for? You can find out more about Meteor Space and their top-tier logistics solutions for businesses here!