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Increase productivity and efficiency with the ultimate WMS

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1st Jun 2022

What happens when a company fully understands the challenges of managing warehouses?

They develop Canary7, the most intuitive and scalable warehouse management system that helps you increase your productivity and efficiency!

The team behind Canary7 has had years of experience working with warehouse managers and business owners, finding about all the pain points, and coming up with effective solutions. They understand that the supply chain is always evolving, which is why they have developed a WMS that is also continuously evolving and becoming better.

With the help of Canary7, you can avoid all kinds of warehousing errors that can end up being costly to your operation. Canary7 is an advanced software that provides you with a complete toolkit and increased visibility regarding all your inventory processes.

Let’s hear more about the sleek solutions Canary7 has to offer!


The ultimate toolkit for warehouse management


Warehouse Management System

The team behind Canary7 has years of experience when it comes to warehouse management and it shows. It is a tool that  provides the top solutions that makes your order picking and storage process a breeze. This warehouse picking system allows you to improve your efficiency and operational speed, helping you generate a higher profit and meet any deadlines or time limits with ease.

Order Management System

Canary7 makes your order management easier than ever with their advanced system. It provides you with all the tools you need to manage all orders. You don’t have to worry about dealing with long loading times and chunky software anymore; Canary7 ensures your efficiency is increased and provides you with a smoother method of processing orders.

Inventory Management System

As a business, you need an inventory management tool that helps you keep track of stock levels and provides you with accurate forecasts, which is exactly what Canary7 offers you with their bespoke inventory management system. With just a few clicks, you can get faster, more streamlined inventory operations. Canary7 makes sure you never have to deal with stock outs or inaccurate reporting again.

Warehouse Labour Management

Canary7 enables you to boost productivity and performance of all your employees with their brilliant labour management system. It is a complete toolkit that helps you track all activities and labour, boost resource utilization, improve visibility regarding the flow of goods, integrate with accounting services, and most importantly, increase employee satisfaction.

Warehouse Control System

Canary7 offers you a warehouse control system that helps you avoid chaos and transform your product flow completely. The system enables you to improve the control of supplies and ensures a smooth workflow at every level. It helps you utilise storage space to make the most out of it and optimize product routes. With Canary7, you can have increased visibility of daily tasks and make sure everything runs smoothly.

Canary7 has redefined warehouse management, helping you make all tasks more efficient and increase productivity all across the warehouse. Find out more about Canary7 and the solutions it has to offer here!