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23rd Aug 2023

By Alastair Luke, Director, ATTNx

There’s nothing quite like hosting an outstanding event to inspire an audience.  I’ve worked on events throughout my career, producing slide decks, being a ‘one-man AV team’, and providing professional photography, video and branding. With the right production, speakers and audience it’s just an incredible feeling.

One thing I find quite often though, is an uninspiring unveiling can lead to sluggish sign-ups, and an apathetic audience.  At ATTNx, we’ve got the skills and experience to create killer content that will impact your audience at the launch of your next event.  I’ve seen it too many times to let you live through a lacklustre launch again, so here are my tips to making sure you set the stage for a sensational show.

Focus on photography.

You will, 100% of the time, need a good photo to accompany your launch press release, or news post.  When you have a high-profile keynote speaker, a cool location, or celebrity ambassador you can use these elements to craft a selection of shots that draws audiences to find out what it’s all about.  Then you have a series of attention-grabbing photos to release in the build-up to the big day. A good photographer on a shoot like this is not going to break the bank, so always hire a professional, discuss the brief and come up with a cool concept.  The super-talented Joy Luke at ATTNx can help you with this.

Set the vibe with video.

You’ve got a great line-up of speakers, so who better to sell tickets?   As part of your launch photo shoot, tack on a few ‘talking-heads’ from your guest speakers to give an insight into what they’ll be speaking about. If they can’t attend the launch, just ask them to record it themselves. This could provide 5-10-15 or more pieces of content to drip-feed your audience and exploit social media to maximise registrations. Just be sure to add a branded call to action throughout the video – don’t leave it to the end. Make that CTA pop!  I can have a chat with you on this and make a video content plan that will boost your registrations.

Bring it with branding.

Your audience will know if you’ve gone bargain basement on your branding. They just will.  Let’s get the branding right at the launch. Get it out there with a good-old prop for the launch photo, and follow up with digital graphics for social media, and print ads in your audiences’ favourite publications. Think “where are they looking” and put your brand there. I can help you to create an evergreen event brand, and a suite of digital graphics, animated ads, and printed material to make sure its visible wherever your audience is.

Nailing these three elements will go a long way to ensuring your event promotion is a big success and make your event a total sell-out, then you can just relax until the big day. We’ve worked on all kinds of events, from corporate conferences to mud runs, comic-cons to awards ceremonies.  ATTNx has you covered.

See some of our work and find out more about the ATTNx Event Boost at www.attnx.co.uk/attnx-event-boost, or reach me at al@attnx.co.uk or 07311 283716.