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Hinch Distillery in County Down outlines plan to ramp up production

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Hinch Distillery

24th Oct 2022

New, longer production times will see Hinch increase its whiskey production from 400,000 to 1M litres of pure alcohol (LPA) per year

Hinch Distillery, which launched during the pandemic, is ramping up its production lines as global and domestic demand for its products surge.

The distillery, which also produces the Ninth Wave Gin brand, formerly operated a five-day week model but will now switch to a 24/7 operation to cater to its growing client base.

New, longer production times will see Hinch increase its whiskey production from 400,000 to 1M litres of pure alcohol (LPA), which is equal to 8000 casks or the equivalent of 3.5M bottles annually.

Meanwhile, gin production will see 440,000 litres of pure alcohol (LPA) which is the equivalent of 1.7M bottles annually.

It has also invested in three additional washbacks from distilling equipment experts, Forsyths in Scotland, while MW Control Solutions Limited have supplied the newest technology for whiskey production.

Richard E Forsyth (Junior) said: “Forsyths are delighted to be appointed by Hinch Distillery for their expansion project. It’s very positive for the burgeoning Irish market to see a fledgling distillery pushing their capacity so soon after inception.”

Ten new members will join the Hinch team as a result of its new expansion plans.

Dr Terry Cross OBE, Chairman of Hinch Distillery said: “We are delighted with the demand for our whiskey products, which are, by industry standards still in their infancy.

“Our products have quickly gained momentum in a world of whiskey lovers, rising through the ranks to become a respected competitor in the fine Irish Whiskey category. Our growth is organic and in line with our ever-expanding markets.

“We are pleased to see that Irish Whiskey, as a category, is enjoying increased popularity and we really feel we have cornered some of the most valuable markets. For Hinch, the only way is up, and we will continue to meet the current and future demand for high quality, premium Irish Whiskey and Irish Gin worldwide. We are going to capitalise on this growth, and we also have plans to expand our super premium product offering.

“Interest in Irish Whiskey tourism has grown significantly over the last 12 months, boosting employment and investment throughout Ireland. Our distillery drives brand recognition and builds loyalty with storytelling through Hinch distillery tours on site.”

Michael Morris, International Sales Director, Hinch Distillery added: “Our move to grow our distillery is a result of current demand and we expect that to grow over the next five years.

“Our product portfolio is reaching no less than 30 global markets, boosting NI’s reputation as a producer of fine whiskey while our collection has attracted multiple international awards including Double Gold Medal for Irish Whiskey Double Wood Aged Five Years product at ‘The Fifty Best’ – a New York awards event and a Silver and Judges’ Selection at the Alberta Beverage Awards. It’s a fantastic momentum that we will sustain through continued growth on the ground.

William Stafford, Head Distiller, Hinch Distillery said: “The expansion will take us from 400,000 LPA to 1M LPA showing our commitment to the Irish Whiskey Industry. This development will not only enable the team to continue producing award winning Irish whiskey across all our offerings but it will mean greater flexibility as we experiment with mixed grain bills and cask types.

“Consumers will reap the rewards of new and innovative Irish whiskey from Hinch when our new make spirit becomes whiskey in 2024, the first spirit distilled here integrated into our diverse portfolio. Irish Whiskey is still one of the fastest growing spirits in the world and we look forward to the future with the news of this expansion which will enable the team to keep up with the ever- growing demand for our products.

“Market research shows that consumers are curious. With a young distilling team here at Hinch, we have been creative and expressive with the new make spirit that we have distilled. The types of casks they mature in will allow us to offer not just a premium product, but a unique one, bringing varied flavour expressions with every release. We also have our own maturation facility on site so no third-party storage is required for our single malt and pot still Irish whiskey. The warehouse currently has capacity for 9000 barrels.”