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Helping your employees with the cost-of-living crisis

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Cushon Group Limited

31st Aug 2022

Cushon Group is one of the UK’s leading workplace savings providers, helping employees of many well-known companies to save, become more financially resilient and get comfortable with investing. In the last two years, Cushon acquired Salvus Master Trust, Workers Pension Trust (WPT) and Creative Pension Trust.  Today, Cushon stands as the fifth largest master trust in the UK with over 400,000 customers, managing over £1.7 billion worth of savings.

Recently, Cushon also acquired “Better with Money”, a financial education specialist. Better with Money partners with businesses across the country to provide financial education solutions such as webinars, 1-on-1 money counselling sessions, and podcasts to their employees. It employs a regional team of trainers who provide financial education to over 40 companies, including Channel 4, Ferrero, and the Financial Ombudsman Service.

With the increase in National Insurance, Energy Bills and other essential living costs this year, most people are starting to feel the effect on their finances. Cushon recently conducted research and developed An employer’s guide to the cost of living crisis, detailing the current concerns of employees given the financial climate.

Better with Money is providing support to employers and employees during this time, including a webinar on how to manage the increase in the cost of living to reduce money stress.

To learn more about how Better with Money can help support your employees with the rise in cost of living or financial wellbeing overall, contact Sarah Steel at