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Finnebrogue returns to its roots with rebrand

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Finnebrogue (Lynns Country Foods)

5th Sep 2023

Northern Irish food producer Finnebrogue has announced a return to its roots with a brand refresh rolling out this September.

The new brand, including a new company logo, harks back to where the County Down food business started – in the rolling hills of the Finnebrogue Estate – and where it continues to call home.

The family-owned food business, founded by the late Denis Lynn in 1991, is best known for its nitrite-free Naked Bacon, the biggest bacon brand in the UK. It is also a major private label supplier of premium sausages, burgers and plant-based proteins to UK supermarkets.

The firm employs 1200 people across four food facilities in County Down and is likely to surpass £200 million revenue for the first time this year.

The new logo features a buzzard, windmill and rolling hills, all from the Finnebrogue estate. There is also a deer; venison being the product for which Finnebrogue first made its name in the 1990s and 2000s.

Commenting on the brand refresh, marketing executive Tara Lynn said:

“We wanted to develop an iconic identity for Finnebrogue, something that looks premium, authentic and brings our heritage to the fore. We wanted to showcase the inspiring ethos that lies at the heart of Finnebrogue – our passion for taste, flavour and innovation and a commitment to doing good by people and planet. We will be bringing our people front and centre as we roll the new brand out over the coming weeks – our proud Finnebrogue family.”

The brand refresh sees the Finnebrogue name reappear on Naked Bacon for the first time in three years. It will also facilitate the launch of additional branded products from Finnebrogue that do not naturally sit under the Naked sub brand, which is known for being clean label – bacon and ham made without nitrites and sausages made without any artificial additives.

Finnebrogue has released a launch video for the rebrand this week, the voiceover of which tells the Finnebrogue story. It reads:

“The Finnebrogue estate. County Down. Where it all began. The story of one man’s vision to change the world, a story that can be traced back to 1991. A family farm built into the business it is today. Everything we do is inspired where we live, where we work, this land we call home. We just love this place.

“It’s the land where we first bred a herd of deer. Where we built a business with a handpicked team that has grown into a community of over 1000 loyal people. Like the seasons, our purposeful change continues. To do better for and with this beautiful land that shapes our ideas.

“We make food the best it can be without being bound by the way it has always been done. And we are more than just sausage and bacon makers, deer and wagyu farmers, plant-based producers. We are humble foodies on a mission to do better. To make great tasting food for people who share our restless pursuit of perfection.

“This is what drove our founder Denis every day. It is what drives us now. To innovate and be passionate about making food better. And together, we can ensure a brighter future for the next generation. 

“Changing the world through food. We are Finnebrogue. Made to be better.”