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Dublin Chamber Celebrates Launch of Dublin Airport’s North Runway

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Dublin Airport

24th Aug 2022

Dublin Chamber welcomes the inaugural opening of Dublin Airport’s North Runway today. This is a vital piece of infrastructure that will support the growth of the Dublin Region and Ireland through increased international connectivity. The new North Runway is expected to deliver a 31% increase in connectivity by 2034. This enhanced connectivity and capacity will secure Dublin Airport’s position as a leading European airport, a gateway to North America, and a key driver of Ireland’s sustainable economic recovery and growth.

Dublin Chamber’s CEO, Mary Rose Burke, said: “Post-Covid, the importance of international connection has become more evident than ever before. The expansion of Ireland’s aviation capacity will play an important role in Ireland’s economic recovery. International connectivity remains crucial to Ireland’s overall competitiveness as an island economy, particularly in hard-hit sectors such as tourism and hospitality and among Irish SMEs with ambitions for international growth.”

“Amid Covid recovery, the invasion of Ukraine, Brexit and resulting supply chain disruption, Ireland must diversify its markets, restore connectivity, and establish new trade routes to support economic growth and recovery. The delivery of the North Runway is crucial to enabling this international expansion. We welcome the continued development of Dublin Airport, which in normal circumstances welcomes over 80% of visitors to Ireland and will remain the main reception point for tourists and business travellers in the post-pandemic future.”