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Custom House Meeting and Event Spaces

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Custom House Belfast

31st Aug 2023

In the heart of Belfast’s historic waterfront, a beacon of innovation and connectivity stands tall – the Custom House Belfast. Renowned for its historical significance and architectural splendour, this iconic building has recently undergone a transformation that seamlessly blends its rich maritime heritage with modern functionality. Among its new features, the introduction of seven meeting rooms, each named after the ships that once graced Belfast’s bustling port, has sparked excitement among local businesses and event planners alike.

Custom House Belfast’s new meeting room facilities, have woven the fabric of Belfast’s maritime history, represent a harmonious blend of past and present. By embracing the legacy of these vessels, the Custom House has created a unique environment where businesses can navigate their way toward success while honouring the city’s rich heritage. Whether you’re planning a high-powered board meeting or an engaging workshop, these meeting rooms offer a setting where innovation and collaboration thrive amidst the echoes of the past.

Custom House Belfast presents its collection of meeting rooms designed to cater to groups ranging from 2 to 60 participants. These adaptable and high-performing collaboration spaces have been artfully curated to redefine the way you experience meetings. Complete with state-of-the-art video conferencing capabilities, plasma display screens, and ground-breaking Click Share technology, the rooms are finely tuned to facilitate effortless engagements and drive successful collaborations.

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