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Civica adds Property & Asset Management capability with Technology Forge acquisition

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Civica NI Ltd

21st Sep 2022

Civica has acquired The Technology Forge, a move which will complement and enhance the UK-headquartered, global software provider’s offering to customers across the public sector.

The Technology Forge’s highly configurable property and asset management software supports strategic asset management, including estates management, facilities management, and health & safety compliance. Enjoying over two decades of successful growth and strong recurring revenues, The Technology Forge has become a trusted partner for local authorities across the UK, as well as a range of other public bodies, from the NHS to housing associations to blue light.

Complementary and targeted acquisitions form a core part of Civica’s global growth strategy. The Technology Forge’s SaaS property and asset management software will now be offered as part of Civica’s comprehensive software offering which supports public bodies at local and national level, both in the UK and around the world.

Civica CEO, Wayne Story said:

“With leaner budgets, ever tighter regulation, and the climate crisis, managing buildings in a compliant, cost-efficient and sustainable manner is a growing challenge for public bodies, especially for those with large property portfolios.

“Trusted by local authorities across the UK, as well as the wider public sector, The Technology Forge’s property and asset management solution adds an important new capability to Civica’s broad software offering. With these new capabilities, we are strongly positioned to deliver even better outcomes for our customers right across the public sector.”The Technology Forge founder, Mark Wardman said:

“As a team, we’re immensely proud of the positive difference our software has made for our customers across the UK for the past 24 years.

“Today, we embark on a new chapter. The Civica Group has earned its place as a trusted leader in software for public services. With the new capabilities afforded by our property and asset management solution, Civica will be better able to help councils and other public sector organisations deal with the challenges they face today – and prepare for those of tomorrow.