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Chamber welcomes City of Derry Airport announcement

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Londonderry Chamber of Commerce

27th Jun 2024

EasyJet has announced it will be operating from City of Derry Airport for the first time as it introduces two new routes, with flights to and from Edinburgh and Liverpool to operate twice weekly on Mondays and Fridays.

In what is a huge step forward for North West connectivity, the new routes will begin operating on 4 November. The announcement follows the great news announced in early 2024 that the airport would operate twice-weekly flights to Birmingham via Ryanair, a service that began in April 2024. City of Derry Airport Managing Director Steve Frazer said it was an “incredible day” for the airport and the North West region.

“The launch of easyJet services will be a key economic driver for business investment in the north west and inbound travel and tourism, and we are proud to be able to help grow and develop these sectors in our local area,” he said.

Greg McCann, President of Londonderry Chamber of Commerce said:

“The news that City of Derry Airport will operate two new flight services to and from Edinburgh and Liverpool is hugely welcome. Chamber is extremely happy to see these developments, not only because it supports any member in expanding its offering, but also because it delivers upon the expansion of connectivity that the North West region has long needed.

“With these new services coming in the same year as City of Derry’s new route to and from Birmingham, 2024 has proved to be a positive year for the North West thus far. Further connectivity for the North West through land, air, and sea have been long sought after and we congratulate and applaud City of Derry Airport for delivering services that connect our region to the wider world. We look forward to the economic benefits these services will bring and to City of Derry Airport further expanding its offering through further moves.

“We especially look forward to the delivery of the New Decade, New Approach commitment to restore the public service obligation air route between Derry and Dublin. With east-west connectivity guaranteed through the airport’s activity in 2024, we must now build on this momentum and deliver further north-south connectivity.”