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CDE Global Limited

13th Jun 2023

CDE, the world’s leading provider of wet processing equipment company, will have avoided over 500 tonnes of CO2 this year by choosing a green energy supply generated by local, renewable sources.

With facilities in both Newtownabbey and Cookstown, the green energy supply has resulted in a reduction of over 1,500 tonnes of carbon emissions since the company switched to green supply 3 years ago.

CDE’s equipment creates high-value recycled sand and aggregates to replace natural materials, diverting millions of tonnes from landfill, and in turn reducing carbon emissions. Working towards net zero within their facilities is another way that CDE aims to protect the planet’s natural resources.

Low Carbon Consultancy, Carbonfit has been working with CDE to help shape and deliver the company’s overall Sustainability Strategy, working in partnership to measure and monitor the organisation’s Carbon Footprint and more importantly advise and assist with carbon reduction schemes.

Carbonfit provides a range of services to CDE including, Green Energy Procurement (supplied through Power NI, Northern Ireland’s leading energy provider), Energy Compliance Reporting & Reduction, Carbon Reporting & Disclosures and Supply Chain Management Gerard Smith, Operational Excellence Manager at CDE, said,

“CDE’s sustainability and net zero commitment goes well beyond corporate image and reputation. ‘Creating our best world, a ton at a time’ is at the core of everything we do at CDE. We do this by creating sustainable solutions for our customers while fostering the social and economic development of the wider community. ”

We have already implemented a number of key carbon reducing initiatives across both our Northern Ireland facilities and have formed a Sustainability Taskforce to ensure we have tangible objectives aligned to the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) across all our regional offices.

Our partnership with Carbonfit has enabled us to develop a robust Sustainability Strategy, with clear short and longer-term carbon reduction targets in order to reach net zero. As a business we’re committed to ensuring we’re having a positive impact on people and the planet.”

Aron Ewins, Senior Carbon & Energy Procurement Manager at Carbonfit said,

“Carbonfit is a leading provider of sustainability solutions, dedicated to helping businesses navigate the complexities of carbon management, emissions reductions, and carbon reporting & disclosures, dictated by compliance legislation. We have been working closely with CDE to support them with their overall Sustainability Strategy enabling them to create a positive impact on the planet while achieving their
operational goals.

We firmly believe that sustainability and profitability can go hand in hand, and together, we will empower businesses to make responsible choices that benefit their bottom line and the environment.”