Cab Tours Belfast – Increase Services to Meet Demand

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30th Apr 2022

Cab Tours Belfast is the only Black Taxi Cab Tour company in the city of Belfast with the unique selling point that it is jointly owned by both a Protestant and a Catholic.

In the past number of months the company has had to increase the number of tours on offer and has enjoyed the highest demand for a number of years. The company confirmed that the tourists are back, but not only that – local residents from Northern Ireland are out in force to see more of their local area – from the political tours through to rediscovering the murals and peace walls.

For over 15 years, their team of guides have provided passengers a fair and unbiased tour where they hear about both sides of the stories and events of The Troubles in Belfast and Northern Ireland.

Cab Tours Belfast offers a range of tours and services. One of their most popular tours is their Belfast Murals Tour in which their passengers can discover and experience world-famous murals in West Belfast from the comfort of a black taxi cab or executive vehicle.

The business has also teamed up with Crumlin Road Gaol, one of the biggest tourist attractions in Belfast to give an immersive experience of The Troubles with their Crumlin Road Gaol tour. This is offered as a combination tour with their Belfast Murals tour.

Outside of Belfast, Cab Tours Belfast also offer passengers the opportunity for a day tour to one of Northern Ireland’s most famous attractions and one of the seven wonders of the world, the Giant’s Causeway. Their Giant’s Causeway Tour departs from Belfast allowing passengers to travel in comfort and style while taking in the stunning views along the way.

For visitors looking to take part in tours from cruise excursions, Cab Tours Belfast offers shore excursion tours as part of both their Belfast Murals Tour and Giant’s Causeway tours. There are also private packages available that include special events transport, airport transfers, and promotional hire.

Whether you are local or a visitor, enjoy a tour with Cab Tours Belfast to learn about the city of Belfast with guides taking you through the troubled history to how it has transformed into a now thriving city with bars, restaurants, hotels and so much to see.

Videos of the black cab tours can be seen on YouTube