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Bespoke Candles Is Expanding

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Bespoke Candles

13th Jul 2023

Bespoke Candles, a premium candle manufacture based in Bangor County Down, has recently embarked on an exciting journey of expansion. The white label candle manufacture has opened another factory to meet the growing demand for private labelled candles. This expansion represents a significant milestone for Bespoke Candles and will enable them to expand their production capabilities significantly.

At the heart of Bespoke Candles’ success lies their unwavering dedication to crafting perfection. Each candle is meticulously handcrafted using the finest materials and employing time-honoured techniques that have been refined throughout their twenty years of candle making experience. From the selection of premium ingredients to the delicate art of hand-pouring, every step in the production process is executed with precision and care.
The decision to expand was driven by Bespoke Candles’ commitment to meeting the increasing demands of new inquiries and the growth of their loyal clients. By opening another factory, the company is not only expanding its production capabilities but also ensuring that their craftsmanship remains at the heart of every product.

What sets Bespoke Candles apart is their dedication to ensuring each of their products are tested to European standards and the correct legislation is used. With the expansion of their operations, they can now establish a candle testing laboratory with state of the art equipment and become an accredited laboratory. This commitment to meeting European standards and following the correct legislation ensures that every client can feel confident in selling their products to their customers.

As Bespoke Candles expands, the brand’s vision remains steadfast: To create a positive and friendly experience for each client throughout the entire process. They are committed to creating the highest quality products that their clients will feel proud to sell to their customers.

The expansion of Bespoke Candles to another factory marks an exciting chapter in the brand’s journey. Through their dedication to perfecting their craft and commitment to meeting diverse customer needs, Bespoke Candles has firmly established itself as one of Northern Ireland leading premium candle manufactures. With their expanded operations, they are on route to reach even greater heights .

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