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Belfast Salt Company launches new website

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22nd Nov 2022

Belfast Salt Company

After 8 years, Belfast Salt Company has finally been dragged kicking and screaming into the 21st century with the launch of its new ecommerce site – you can now browse, click and buy online!

Winter Pack Bundles

The ever popular Winter Packs have been extended and amended to include everything you will need to get you over any cold snap.

Winter Products

On the new site you will find full details and prices for the range of products including

  • Winter de-icing salt (Rock Salt & Grit)
  • Non-salt de-icers
  • Salt Spreaders
  • Grit Bins
  • Snow ploughs and snow movers.

Not just for winter

You will also find non-winter related products such as :

  • Water softener salt tablets
  • Cattle Salt Licks
  • Render accelerator

View our full range at :

Or if you preferred the 20th century you can still reach us on

028 9002 2468