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Belfast Met led GenComm project update

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Belfast Metropolitan College

15th Jun 2023

The International Summer School in Hydrogen being held in Porto, Portugal next week will hear how the Belfast Met led EU hydrogen project GenComm has encouraged fresh thinking for the use of hydrogen for global industry and business.

GenComm Programme Manager Paul McCormack will make 2 presentations at the event which runs from June 21-23. On June 21 Paul will present the 4 stages of the hydrogen value chain journey that has to be achieved for hydrogen to become a commodity and achieve universal acceptance. The drive to reduce our carbon footprint energy security has powered companies to unprecedented levels of innovation, transformation and efficiency. Every step in the four stage Green H2 Commodification Value chain will be examined and discussed with the delegates at the international gathering.

On June 23 Paul will speak about ‘H2 Pathways’. GenComm has developed 3  micro hubs that are demonstrators for hydrogen European pathways from the use of renewables including wind, bio and solar. Paul believes that we must now scale and accelerate these pathways to decarbonise mobility and to increase the rate of energy efficiency improvements to foster sustainable economic growth.

Topics being covered over the 3 day event include the challenges and advances for hydrogen, H2 Production and storage and the use of H2 and Fuel Cells in commercial applications. This 2nd edition of the H2FC Summer School is organised within the HYLANTIC-Atlantic Network for Renewable Generation and Supply of Hydrogen to promote high energy efficiency. It will be a hybrid event where researchers, engineering professionals, policy makers and senior graduates can learn through the various workshops and lectures.


Hydrogen is very much seen as a game changing technology and also at this event in Portugal there will be a discussion on the use of hydrogen in ports. Major findings of the Hy Tunnel CS project for safer use of hydrogen vehicles in underground traffic systems will also be discussed.

GenComm prided itself on producing energy secure communities including the first hydrogen supply chain on the island of Ireland with hydrogen produced to power hydrogen buses in Belfast. This Irish Hydrogen pathway will be explored at this event. Since 2020 the outputs of GenComm have been discussed on the international stage. GenComm have presented at both European Hydrogen Week and EU Energy Week. Five international HAZEL and five SMART H2 international webinars have been held in this period.


Looking forward to speaking in Porto and to the fact that more and more countries are now releasing Hydrogen roadmaps, Paul McCormack, said: “As we drive to reduce our carbon footprint and achieve energy security, the journey has empowered companies to reach unprecedented levels of innovation, transformation, productivity, and efficiency.  In order to achieve the climate targets of 2030 and 2050 we must embrace a rich future of sustainable energy, catalyzed by Green Hydrogen (Green H2). Every step in the four stage Green H2 Commodification value chain must be fully exploited and integrated in order to achieve a just transformation for all.”


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