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6th Apr 2022

 Lucy Marshall has joined Workplus as Community Manager.

Workplus makes it easier for employers to find apprentices, by providing a single place for applicants to apply, as well as offering a simple, thorough selection process for employers. 

Lucy will be working alongside Workplus’ member companies as well as growing the apprentice community in Northern Ireland. She will also be working with Workplus partners including schools, colleges and government organisations to promote Workplus in a wider context and grow the apprenticeship culture.

Lucy said, “I’m looking forward to this new opportunity, working alongside member companies as well as schools, colleges and other partner organisations. I joined Workplus as an intern through the Ulster University Graduate Leadership Programme and have seen at first-hand how beneficial apprenticeships are, both to the apprentice as well as the employer.”

Richard Kirk, CEO of Workplus, said, “We are excited to have Lucy join the Workplus team as Community Manager. We are now working with over 50 companies across the sectors in Northern Ireland. The apprenticeship culture in Northern Ireland is changing, growing and deepening but we know there’s still much work to do in terms of increasing the reach for apprenticeships. Lucy’s skills and abilities lend themselves very well to this role as Community Manager and we are pleased to have her join us to support our member companies and engage with our partners.”

Workplus’ latest campaign had over 120 apprenticeship opportunities, which received hundreds of applications. Its next campaign runs in August. For further information or to find out about how to become a Workplus member, visit .