Allyship at Work Webinar Puts Focus on Workplace Inequities

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Diversity Mark

8th Jul 2022

  • LeanIn Global and Diversity Mark deliver details of Allyship at Work toolkit featuring 50 research-backed steps to address workplace inequities
  • 125 organisations have signed up for Diversity Mark signatories

A recent Allyship at Work webinar delivered by LeanIn Global and Diversity Mark, the leading authority on diversity and inclusion across the UK and Ireland, found that 92% of attendees recognised that they hold privileges that they take for granted.

Attendees joined the webinar to learn about Allyship, a tool for change that provides the research-backed steps to overcome workplace inequities.

Over 70 organisations signed up to the webinar, with 125 organisations to date signing up for Diversity Mark signatories in order to tackle privilege, positional power, current inequities in the workplace, and commit to allyship actions to bring about meaningful change.

Through Allyship at Work, employees learn how to show up for co-workers who hold traditionally marginalized identities, including gender, race, people with disabilities, and members of the LGBTQ+ community making it an integral part of fostering diversity, equity, and inclusion in the workplace

The Allyship at Work webinar, which introduces 50 specific research-based actions, has been used successfully by Adidas and WeWork, among other major companies, with 94% of participants feeling better equipped to practice allyship in the workplace.

Reflecting on the event, webinar host and Diversity Mark Director Nuala Murphy commented: “It’s important we recognise allyship as a powerful tool for change. By working closely with LeanIn Global, the Allyship at Work webinar was able to hone-in on the current inequities faced by traditionally marginalised groups and, more importantly, the pathways to creating a better workplace environment for all.

“We are incredibly encouraged, not just by the feedback from participants which has been fantastic but by the growing commitment of industry to progress in this area.

“At Diversity Mark, our base of signatories continues to grow across Northern Ireland and beyond, with a community of more than 125 organisations including new signatories Northern Ireland Screen, Boojum, Terex, Firmus Energy, and Vanrath.

“We’re proud to collaborate with these companies to consistently deliver insights, best practice content and research backed programmes as well as industry peer events to support them on their journey to transforming workplace culture and attitudes for good.”

Nuala concluded by pointing to the benefits to be accrued by businesses who embrace diversity: “It is proven that inclusive companies perform better, with McKinsey’s 2020 UK data set, showing non-inclusive companies were 27% more likely to underperform on profitability than all other firms.”