10 Top Tips when reviewing your HR, Payroll or Time Management software

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Payescape Ltd

2nd Mar 2022

Have you been tasked with researching the market for new solutions in HR, Payroll and/or Time Management? Does it feel like you’re scratching your head and wondering where to start?

I wanted to let you know, you’re in the right place. By this point, you’ve drank a lot of coffee, and already started the process. You’ve Googled ‘Top Tips’ which has brought you here, and it’s a very good place to start. In this post, you will find not only top tips, but questions to ask yourself, other key stakeholders, and vendors, which will help you find the right solution for you and your organisation.

What questions should you be asking? Here are the top 10 we found are asked the most…

  1. Who needs to be involved in this research process/ decision making?
  2. What are your stakeholders’ requirements? Ask them to build a list of ‘Must Have’, ‘Should Have’, and ‘Nice to Have’. This will help you identify the right vendors and solutions and eliminate those that can’t meet at least your ‘Must Have’ requirements.
  3. What is the budget for this project?
  4. What are the key objectives of buying a new solution?
  5. What are the main pains of your current solutions/ providers?
  6. Is your business growing and where will it be in 5-10 years’ time? You will want a scalable solution if you are expecting growth.
  7. How long have you got on this project? Is there a timescale? This could be because of a contract renewal or end of product life/service.
  8. If you are considering changing one solution- do you need to consider changing anything else? For example, if you are looking to change your HR software, how will this impact Payroll?
  9. Can all your requirements be met by one provider?
  10. Do you have multiple sites the solution will need to cover? i.e homeworking, multiple offices

PayEscape take a consultative approach to problem solving and pride ourselves on finding the right fit for our customers and their businesses. We know one solution doesn’t fit all so the key is supporting customers in their discovery phase, making sure the right questions are asked to ensure they don’t hit any hurdles down the line and ensure they are prepared for change and growth.

A service that combines software and support in one solution gives you the best of both worlds. With software features and functionality to make your job easier in-house and the added support of a team of experts to lean into if required really can provide the optimum solution.

Our consultative team can talk you through each step of the process, from an initial requirement and discovery call to a demonstration, proposal and after care. A personalised proposal and sales process just for you.

If you would like a free 10-minute phone consultation with one of our specialists and a follow up pack of project templates to help you ask the right questions, please contact us here.