*FREE WEBINAR* Top Tips For Using ChatGPT To Supercharge Your Marketing

8th Feb 2024 03:00 pm - 04:30 pm

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Posted By: Excalibur Press

1st Dec 2023

Event Description

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This slide/demo/video-based webinar is presented by publicist, journalist and commentator Tina Calder.

As founder of Excalibur Press publicity management, content creation and copywriting agency Tina has been in the business working in Northern Ireland for the last 28 years and has worked with a number of thought leaders over the years.

Much has been said about the pros and cons of using AI software tools like ChatGPT within marketing teams.

Trainer Tina Calder and owner of media and marketing agency Excalibur Press discusses why you can’t ignore AI and how you can use it ethically and responsibly.

Using AI badly can have catastrophic results in your marketing and could even result in your business being deranked by search engines like Google.

Using AI well and learning how to prompt and utilise its power correctly can help you supercharge your marketing efforts.


What you will learn:

✔️ What is ChatGPT and why should you consider using it

✔️ How does ChatGPT work and how can it work for you

✔️ When it’s appropriate to use ChatGPT

✔️ Why ChatGPT isn’t a replacement for your marketing function but simply a tool you should be using

✔️ How to prompt ChatGPT for better results

✔️ Best practices for using ChatGPT

✔️ How to create an AI policy for your business

✔️ What you need to know about using AI generated content in your marketing


We’ve set aside an hour and a half for this overview webinar which will help you start thinking about how you can use AI effectively in your marketing strategy.

This webinar is aimed primarily at small businesses, single operators or marketing teams of 1 who want to focus their efforts.


About Tina Calder

Northern Ireland’s Content Queen, Tina Calder is a journalist and commentator of 28 years, a publicist of 15 and a multi-platform media professional.

The Belfast entrepreneur owns publicity management agency Excalibur Press based in the city’s Cathedral Quarter.

From travelling across the UK and Ireland as a showbiz reporter, publicist and tour manager to becoming an award winning business journalist, Tina uses her varied and colourful career experiences to deliver bespoke publicity and communications strategies.

To put it bluntly she’ll show you how to get stuff done!

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