Workforce Health Challenges Roundtable

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In partnership with British Chambers of Commerce and the Health Foundation, we will host a roundtable in Custom House, Belfast. 

In response to the growing ill health among people in and out of the workforce, the Health Foundation has launched the independent Commission for Healthier Working Lives. This roundtable aims to support this initiative by exploring:  

  • How local employers are seeing increased ill-health impact or ‘play out’ in their workforce (e.g. recruitment, reported health, sick leave, presenteeism, retention). 
  • Practical strategies and reponses by local employers to physical and mental ill-health challenges, including insights into what has been effective and what has not. 
  • Barriers to employers being proactive on this agenda, including prevention, especially for smaller businesses. 
  • Views on the responsibilities of government, employers and employees in relation to the health of the working-age population. 

 The roundtable offers participants an opportunity to share insights and case studies, ensuring the Commission reflects the most effective practices in workplace health. The overall aims are to inform actions to address working-age health challenges and help to establish a new benchmark for businesses in supporting employee health. 


Further information, including an agenda, will be shared closer to the event. To confirm your attendance, please contact by Friday 14 June 2024.